Eldar Wraithknight and Fire Prism

In the display cabinets are various models from Warhammer 40k including these splendid .

Eldar Wraithknight

Eldar Titan

Looming ghost warriors many times larger than even the mighty Wraithlords, the war machines known as Wraithknights are still dextrous enough to run through the ruin of a shattered city, leaping from pillar to spar as their arcane weapons bring oblivion to the enemies of the Aeldari.

In the same shot is the Eldar Fire Prism which I didn’t know has been released as a plastic kit.

Eldar Falcon Grav Tank

Armed with a formidable prism cannon that can blast smoking holes into enemy vehicles or vaporise infantry, the Fire Prism is a versatile and deadly addition to any Aeldari army.

Fire Prism Grav Tank

A very nice Eldar Fire Prism Grav Tank from the ‘Eavy Metal team on display in the cabinets at Warhammer World.

Fire Prism Grav Tank

Unlike the lumpen and unlovely battle tanks of other races, the Fire Prism is graceful and swift. Despite its aesthetic qualities, the Fire Prism sacrifices none of the killing power associated with heavy armour, and its prism cannon is the bane of the heavy battle tanks of the crude races. The main armament of the Fire Prism is an extremely unusual device that uses a two-stage firing process. A medium-magnitude laser is discharged into a massive crystal prism that greatly amplifies the potency of the shot in a fraction of a second. This energy can be discharged in a focused beam capable of blasting through the thickest armour. Or, it can be dispersed to slay entire squads of enemy infantry. Most unusual of all, sophisticated tracking arrays allow this technological wonder to channel its firepower through the prismatic lens of another prism cannon, forming one all-powerful laser blast that can obliterate any target.

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