Ork Killa Kan III

This is the third of my trio of Ork Killa Kans.

Originally I had planned to have a colour body, so the main body of the Killa Kan had a white undercoat as seen in the workbench feature.

Well as I started to paint it I knew that it wasn’t going to work and it wouldn’t look right. Maybe okay if it was a single Killa Kan, but in my squadron of three it was going to look odd. So I stopped painting the colour, let it dry and then went over the area with Chaos Black before drybrushing it.

This stage was to add some more detailing including painting the Ork glyphs.

I have blogged about the base previously.

See the full workbench feature on the Killa Kan.

See more photographs of the Ork Killa Kan.

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