Ork Chinork

Forge World have now got the Ork ‘Chinork’ available to pre-order at £60.


These intricate and more than slightly crazed flying machines are designed for one thing only; getting a mob of boyz into combat as fast as possible, with the added bonus of being able to shout insults at the footsloggers down below as they fly over their heads. The Warkopta is a full resin model and looks hugely Orkish as you can see Here, with twin chain-driven whirling blades, engines, rattler guns and lots of added detail, it even comes with a set of arms to enable you to model Games Workshop’s plastic Orks clinging on for dear life!

We originally saw the Chinork (or War Kopta) back in March at the Forge World Open Day.

I remember thinking that as it was challenging to see what it was and how it was put together whether I did in fact like it.

I really like the concept of a large Ork Kopta, I am not sure if the Chinork meets my expectations for such a vehicle.

I have two main concerns, one is a modelling concern, the other is the actual design.

I do like Forge World models and I have a lot of them, but as anyone who has ever made one will know, these are not plastic kits, these are resin masterpieces that don’t always go together as simple and easily as you like. I have had issues (shrinkage and gaps) with the Repressor and the Ork Halftrakk for example. I don’t mind as I expect to get these with these excellent models.

The thing with the Chinork is that I can foresee a problem with the chain joining the two rotars. However I should say I don’t have one therefore this is conjecture, but the thought has put me off slightly…

So what about the actual design? Well…. the design is very open plan, so I think it will only work with lots of Orks on board (well Forge World know that they are providing resin arms with the kit for the passengers). I think I would have preferred a more closed design (aka the Valkyrie) over the open platform of the Chinork. I do like the fact it is BIG though.

So will I be getting one?

Probably not.

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