It has legs…

As part of the boxed set of the Precept Maniple Battleforce as well as the Warlord, the Nemesis and the Warhounds you also get one of my favourite titans, the Reaver Battle Titan.

The Reaver Titan forms the mainstay of most Titan Legions, and is a key component of many Adeptus Titanicus maniples. Swifter than its Warlord cousins and more durable than the smaller Warhounds, with a wide range of devastating weaponry, the Reaver Titan is the perfect addition to any battlegroup.

The kit comes with three sprues for the Reaver.

I started construction and have finished the core legs.

Reaver Titan legs

I will paint these before adding the shields on the legs.

I will add the legs to a base before undercoating and painting

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