Constructing the Xiphon Interceptors for Aeronautica Imperialis

I have the models from the Wrath of Angels and have been spending some time putting the models together.

So having constructed the Storm Eagles, I then put the Xiphon Interceptors together. There are three of these in the Wrath of Angels boxed set.

These were simple and very easy to put together.

I am thinking about getting some more. Though from a value perspective I am tempted to just get another Wrath of Angles boxed set rather than buy an individual box of models. I don’t think I need more than six.

Here is another view of the model.

The next stage will be a white undercoat.

I did think about Ultramarines blue, then Salamanders green, but now thinking about painting them up as Grey Knights.

See the Xiphon Pattern Interceptors Miniatures Gallery.


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