Imperial Armour

I was lucky enough to get some GW vouchers for Christmas. I had considered getting some more models, but as I am still modelling, painting and storing stuff from last Christmas (and a fair few Christmases before that) decided I probably have enough models to be going on with. Though I did quite like the idea of a Tyranid Trygon!

In the end I decided and luckily they had some in stock to get some of the Imperial Armour books published by Forge World. I already have volumes one and two. Though GW Stores don’t carry the Forge World models, some (well most I have been in) do sell the Forge World Imperial Armour Books, especially the Apocalypse ones. I got the GW staffer to check and as well as the Apocalypse books (which I already have) and the Masterclass Modelling Book (that I already have) they also had the first two Siege of Vraks books; Imperial Armour volumes five and six.

So I got them both.



Both really nice books. Unlike volumes one and two, they have much more narrative and background. I’ve not looked at three and four in detail, but I think they are similar.

I do like these books.

Will I complete the set?

Not sure, but the volume eight is about Orks so I will most certainly get that one.

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