Going green with the Asuryani Flyers

These are the Asuryani Flyers (though I think of them as Eldar Flyers) that came with the Wrath of Angels boxed game.

You get three Nightwing fighters, in the Wrath of Angels boxed game, you also get three Phoenix Bombers.

So the next stage after giving the Asuryani Flyers for Aeronautica Imperialis a white undercoat was to think about the colour scheme.

My Ork flyers are red and yellow, so decided I wanted something different to that. My Imperial Navy flyers are dark blue, and again I wanted to avoid duplication. So what was left on the colour wheel was potentially green.

I did quite like this Eldar colour scheme from the GW displays at Warhammer World and Games Day.

Eldar Falcon
Falcon Grav Tank

And this one.

Falcon Grav Tank
Falcon Grav Tank

So that was that really, I was going green.

It did what I wanted on the model in the sense of adding shadow to the panel lines.

This wasn’t as effective has I hoped with some pooling in places on the flat wings.

I think with a heavy dry brush I can retain the shadows and remove some of the effects of the pooling.

The next stage will be that heavy dry brush and then a lighter dry brush to draw out the highlights.

After that it will be detailing the engines and weapons.

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