Forge World Ork Weapons

I have been digging through my workbench models and realised I had a fair few Forge World Ork Weapons.

This is the KillKannon, it fires either large bore frag rounds to use against enemy infantry, or a solid shell for destroying tanks.

I would usually paint this black and then drybrush, but I am now thinking I might more go along the same technique I used on my Ork Fight Bommer jet engine.

I have both volumes of the Forge World Masterclass books and they are a real inspiration and full of ideas and techniques for painting and weathering models. I wanted to try and emulate some of those techniques on the engine of the Ork Bommer.

I have been using a combination of inks and shades on a base coat of Bolt Gun Metal.

See the workbench feature on the Forgeworld Ork KilKannon.

I also have the Big Zzappa.

See the workbench feature on the Forgeworld Ork Big Zzappa.

I thought I had painted the Kannon, but then realised I had two, one which came with my Gunwagon.

See the workbench feature on the Forgeworld Ork Kannon.

I also found the Supa Kannon and the Flakk Gun  as well, but they are still in their plastic bags waiting to be constructed.

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