Flames of War British Daimler Dingo

The Daimler Scout Car, known in service as the “Dingo” (after the Australian wild dog), was a British light fast 4WD reconnaissance vehicle also used in the liaison role during the Second World War. In 1938 the British War Office issued a specification for a scouting vehicle. Out of three designs submitted by Alvis, BSA and Morris, the one by BSA was selected. The actual production was passed to Daimler, which was a vehicle manufacturer in the BSA group of companies. The vehicle was officially designated Daimler Scout Car, but became widely known as Dingo, which was the name of the competing Alvis prototype.

The Flames of War blister comes with three of them.

These are very nice models. I will probably use them with my Late War British, though they have the potential to be used for Early War too.

These are resin models with metal wheels and crew.

See the full workbench feature on the British Daimler Dingo.

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