Araby Army

Mentioned in the current UK issue (297) of White Dwarf…

In this month’s White Dwarf is an article on a new Warmaster army, an Araby army complete with camels, elephants and flying carpets.

It made be realise how behind I was on Warmaster as I knew there were quite a few requests for an Araby army, but I didn’t realise how far the concept had come along.

As I am so far behind in painting any of my Warmaster armies I doubt I will be buying an Araby army, but I might do what I did with the Lizardmen and buy a few units I like and paint them up.

Warmaster Magazine Issue # 21

Another excellent issue of Warmaster magazine. lots of scenarios and lots on dragons.

The contents includes:

The Idol of Gork – a campaign based on the Warhammer Fantasy Battle campaign pack of the same name.

The Road to Nottingham – a Chaos General’s tale of the Warmaster tournament.

Card Terrain – not making terrain, but using a card system to generate terrain for the tabletop.

Albion Battle Report – says it all really…

The Battle of Pont A’Leiss Enms – rules for the Emperor Dragon

Alas it is the last ever issue of Warmaster Magazine, it will be “replaced” by Fanatic Magazine which will cover all the Specialist Games.

Warmaster on the website.