Forgeworld Ork Gunwagon Conversion

Wanted to use main weapons on Squiggoths…

Here is a potential conversion of the Forgeworld Epic Ork Gunwagon which has had the main weapon replaced by a Ork Buggy Gunner.

This is a very simple conversion which will look even better once it is painted.

I may add another gunner to the model to make it more “crowded”.

Giant Squiggoth

As you may have read in the recent Forgeworld newsletter, they will be releasing an epic version of their Giant Squiggoth.

It is a wonderful sculpt and I have always liked the 40K version, but never had the £200 it cost.

It is perfect for my Feral Ork Army and I can’t wait until they come out.

It’s fantastic and hats off to Daniel Cockersell for a fantastic miniature.

Paint doesn’t stick to the underneath of the Ork Gunwagons

These have been sitting around since I undercoated them (doing other stuff), however when I did undercoat them I didn’t undercoat the underneath (rarely do with metal models). Started the black parts when I realised that the underneath (which was fresh resin) would not accept the acrylic paint I was using.

Epic Ork Gunwagon

It looks like I will be forced to undercoat the underneath before I can continue with the paint job.

Forgeworld Ork Gunwagon Conversions

Even though I had stuck all my Forgeworld Ork Gunwagons together and undercoated them, I have now decided that I want to use some of the excellent weapons on some Squiggoths!

I managed to get a Kannon and a Lobba off the models (well I did manage to “break” another Lobba, but glued it back into position).

With the two empty Gunwagons, with one I have added a buggy gunner and the other is going to get a Pulsa Rokkitt.

Epic Forgeworld Ork Gunwagons – the painting process has begun…

When I was at GamesDay 2003, I managed to get my hands on the new ForgeWorld Epic Ork Gunwagons (which are the Epic versions of the FW 40K Gunwagons).

They are good value for money, just £5 for three, and there are four different types.

As I suspect with a lot of people, I did not paint them straight away and put them in a box to do later…

However now I have got them out and undercoated them.

They are very detailed models, though the exhausts are somewhat delicate and many of them were broken in transit.

See the full workbench feature on the Epic Forgeworld Ork Gunwagons.