Forge World 1/6th Baneblade

From the Forge World newsletter.

The big news in this issue of our newsletter is all about a big tank. To be honest, Forge World has always been heavily involved with making big tanks but this time we outdid ourselves.

In the summer of 2003, Paul our website guy, was ‘working’ on the internet. He called a few of us across to see this Russian website that had photos and video clips of very large radio controlled tanks. ‘Wow, that’s cool’ seemed to be the overall opinion throughout the office. It was noted that the owners of this website, who make and sell these large models, said if you couldn’t see the tank you wanted they would be happy to build it for you. Well, we just had to ask them didn’t we?

Paul sent off an email to Alex in Volgograd asking if they would consider making a science fiction style tank? Yes, came the fairly swift reply. Talk to our partner in the UK, a chap called Mark. A few weeks later Paul, Tony and Warwick went to meet Mark at a large militaria show in the south of England and Alex happened to be there too. Everyone had a good chat and after seeing what we were getting more and more interested in making, Alex and Mark said they thought they could do it.

Do what? What are you going on about? A Baneblade of course. Forge World is the very proud owner of a 1/6th scale radio controlled Mars pattern Baneblade.

We first displayed our 1/6th scale Baneblade at Games Day UK at the beginning of October. We laid out a small arena for it to rumble around in, mocked up some fuel drums for it to run over and crush and a large ramp for it to clamber up and over. Each time we fired up the ‘engine’, a hugely loud sound processor, a massive crowd rushed over, completely surrounding the display area five or six people deep.

My photographs of the tank from GamesDay 2004.

Forge World 1/6th Baneblade

Forge World 1/6th Baneblade

Space Marine Characters released this month…

The Epic Armageddon metal Space Marine characters are released this month.

This is a picture I took at UK GamesDay 2004.

Here are the Space Marine Characters.

It’s a pity that they are based so much on the plastic characters, new designs would have been nice, as they have done with the bikes.

A pity you can’t get the bikes separately, and I am unsure how many bikes you get in the “random” blister.

The Ork characters look interesting, but again most are re-casts of the plastic characters!

Fanatic Evolving or is this just cutbacks…

Message from Jervis Johnson on the official epic forums:

Fanatic support for the Specialist Game Range will be moving primarily online in the New Year. Work has already started on an exciting new Fanatic web and community site, and we will be announcing the precise launch date for the new site in the coming weeks. This is an exciting time for Fanatic, and will enable us to concentrate our resources on supporting the existing Specialist Games community via the web.

As part of this process Fanatic and the main Games Workshop Studio are being reorganised into a single integrated team. Over the last five years the Fanatic studio has taken the Specialist Games Range a long way, and I think we’ve done an excellent job of working with the online communities that have grown up around the Specialist Games Range. However, by bringing support for the Specialist Range into the main Studio and taking Fanatic online we will be able to greatly improve the quality of the support that we provide.

I’ll be staying on as Head Fanatic along with some of the members of the existing Fanatic team. Other members of the team will be going off to join other departments and do new jobs. I hope that you will join with me in wishing them well in the future. I know that they will do Fanatic proud!

What won’t be changing is Games Workshop’s commitment to provide ongoing support for all seven Specialist Game systems. All of the games and miniatures will remain available through Games Workshops Direct Sales operations and Online Stores, and we will also continue to bring out new releases, though we do plan to reduce the sheer quantity of new models that we make so that we concentrate on improving the online support that we provide. Even so we have some great new releases coming up over the next few months, highlights of which include the Swordwind supplement and Eldar army for Epic, and the fabulous new Battle of Five Armies game by Rick ‘Warmaster’ Priestley.

If you have any thoughts, comments or feedback about this evolution in the way that Fanatic is going to be providing support for the Specialist Games Range, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I can be reached by email at Although I can’t promise to reply to all the emails I receive, I do read all of the correspondence I receive and I would love to hear from you.

Best regards,

Jervis Johnson
Head Fanatic

In my opinion, this is not evolving, this is cutting back…

Maybe it is the cynic in me, but my business background tells me this all about cost cutting.

Reduce staff

Reduce production

Move support from paper to online and let people develop and plan the games for free.

This should save money…

If Fanatic were doing well and making money then they would be expanded and staff increased.

Grot Cutta

I have drybrushed by Grtot Cutta, first with a heavy drubrush of Tin Bitz, followed by a lighter drybrush of Boltgun Metal.

I will then be painting the mast and boom a dark brown.

As you will notice this model is “different” to the standard Grot Cutta in that the rear wheels are the Heavy Gunz style wheels rather than the tyres which came with the model.

I have noted that this model sells quite well on eBay, as do the other models from the Gorkamorka range. I would still like to try and get a Grot Lugga as I quite like that model.

Concept Sketches Ork Landa

Concept Sketches Ork Landa from the Fanatic Stand at UK GamesDay 2004.

This is the original concept sketch of the new Epic Ork Landa.

if you look closely you will see that even with the sketch are the words…

“size about the same as the Thunderhawk”.

I wish they had thought differently and done a much bigger model, in my minds the finished metal casting is on the small side.

I do wonder if Forgeworld will do something…