Manticore and Deathstrike

New from Games Workshop (well announced this week) are the Imperial Guard Manticore and Deathstrike missile systems.



Deadly long-range artillery, the Imperial Guard Manticore Rocket Launcher and Deathstrike Missile Launchers are incredibly destructive war machines. While the Manticore launches a salvo of rockets, each of which disperses into multiple warheads, the Deathstrike fires a single, incredibly dangerous missile.

These fearsome vehicles are favoured by Imperial Guard commanders who like to pound their enemy into oblivion with relentless firepower from the other side of the battlefield.

These models which originated from the Epic gaming system give Imperial Guard players some very heavy artillery. It comes as one kit with the choice of either making it up as a Manticore or as a Deathstrike. Forge World gave us a 40K Manticore, but this is the first time we have seen an (official) Deathstrike.

I do like the Manticore which as a much lower profile than either the Epic or Forge World versions, but as for the Deathstrike… well it’s a nice model, but having seen the Epic version! I know that I would have liked to have seen something similar to this.


Nice models, and I suspect Simon will be buying a few boxes…