Undercoating the Aeronautica Imperialis Marauder Bombers

The Marauder Bomber is the workhorse of the Imperial Navy. Capable of both atmospheric and void operations, it is used as an attack craft in fleet actions as well as fulfilling a tactical role, supporting ground offensives by bombing enemy troop concentrations and support positions. Such tactical bombing missions are often launched prior to, and in support of, Imperial Guard offensives.

There are two of these in the Wings of Vengeance boxed set. This is the painted version on the GW website.

Having constructed the two models.

I gave the models an undercoat of white paint.

I diverged from the instructions when cosntructing the models, and added the weapon loads whilst the wings were separate. I went for a full weapon load. What I was concerned about was the stuck weapons falling off or being knocked as I added further weapon loads. In the end sticking them down went very smoothly.

See the workbench feature on the Aeronautica Imperialis Marauder Bombers.

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