Forge World Ork Kannon

I have been digging through my workbench models and realised I had a fair few Forge World Ork Weapons. I decided to go ahead and finish them off.

When I made the Kannon which came with the Gunwagon I gave that a dry brush of Boltgun Metal.

Ork Gunwagon with Kannon from Felix's collection
Ork Gunwagon with Kannon from Felix’s collection

I decided that I would paint the Kannon with Leadbelcher, now that Boltgun Metal is no longer available.

I did consider to give the model a white undercoat, but in the end painted the Kannon with Leadbelcher.

This new paint covered quite well and did remind me of Boltgun Metal, so a good replacement.

I then gave the model a wash of Nuln Oil Shade.

This toned down the brightness of the Leadbelcher paint and made the weapon more matte.

I was a little annoyed that the shade wash had gathered on the main barrel.

I think I can sort that out by some remedial work with some more Leadbelcher. I am intending to use other washes and drybrushed to finish the weapon off. I am trying to get an effect that I did with the Ork Bommer engine. Making it look oily and rusty.

See the workbench feature on the Ork Kannon.

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