There will be a plastic Stompa, and then something else….

Today from a reliable source I got confirmation that there will be a plastic Ork Stompa and it will cost £60.
It will be released in the early part of 2009, maybe part of the January Ork release, maybe a little later as part of the Apocalypse releases.
It was originally suppose to be released for Apocalypse, however due to some design problems which led to production issues it had to back to the drawing board and be almost redesigned again from scratch as the production model with the original design was flawed.
However we have already seen lots of rumours about plastic Stompaz.
I also managed to glean another piece of information from my source.
There will be a plastic Shadowsword, yup you heard it here first, there will be a plastic Shadowsword and it will cost £60.

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