Plastic Shadowsword (for real)

A few weeks ago back in October I said that Games Workshop would release a plastic Shadowsword. There was some scepticism on places such as Warseer, however I was happy that I had a good source.

Well in the new German White Dwarf they have a picture of the new plastic Shadowsword.

Plastic Shadowsword (for real)

The article also says

Even though we associate the Apocalypse with the end of all things, for Warhammer 40.000 that is far from the truth – March will see plenty of new Apocalypse releases, among them a brand new super heavy tank. That is correct, the Shadowsword shown above is not a Forgeworld model, but a new plastic kit! And the best thing about it: this is only one out of six superheavy variants, that you can build with parts from the box!

There we go, so as the same source mentioned a plastic Stompa, then I know we’re going to see that too.

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