The Old World


It’s on it’s way, but still looks like we will need to wait a while!

The Warhammer Community website gave us another insight into the development of Warhammer: The Old World.

The first mention of this game was in 2019, so we are approaching four years of development, and we’ve not seen a single miniature in all that time.

Though it would appear that the development team have spent hours doing research and playtesting the new game.

Our goal was to create a game that captures the best elements of all the editions of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, but at the same time providing new and exciting rules,  and fresh challenges to overcome. 

We are getting a lot of background information, the setting won’t be the world we remember from Warhammer Fantasy of the past, but a time before then.

I am looking forward to seeing where this is going and what the final game will look like. Hopefully we might see some miniatures soon.

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