Plastic Space Marine Jetbikes swooping in soon

Scimitar Pattern Space Marine Legion Jetbike

The Scimitar Jetbikes of the Age of Darkness are modifications of complex pre-Imperium designs. Essentially compact aircraft with the addition of grav-impellors, they rush your Space Marines into combat at great speed. And soon you’ll be able to add them to your army in plastic.

There will be plastic Scimitar Pattern Space Marine Legion Jetbikes for The Horus Heresy game.

Forge World released resin Scimitar Pattern Jetbikes in 2012 and these new plastic ones are very similar (if not nearly identical) to those.

Back in 2012 I said

They do look interesting models, but I am not sure if I like them. They seem more like space ship models than bikes.

Now over ten years later I think I may have changed my mind, but they still look quite clunky.

What do you think?

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