Warhound Titan

Back in 2003 saw Forge World release their 40K scale Warhound Titan, this is it on display at GamesDay 2003.

Now with Apocalypse we are seeing Forge World getting inundated with orders for Titans, so much so that they are having trouble coping with the orders…

Now I suspect we will see more Titans on the gaming table, I have considered getting one (if I had the money and more importantly the time to build and paint one), but as an Ork player there is very little choice, ah well.

Forgeworld Warhound Titan Mars Pattern

Forgeworld Warhound Titan from the Forgeworld Displays at GamesDay 2005.

I really like this Mars Pattern version, still like the other version with the flatter armour carapace, but this one to me makes this Titan almost look alive.

A really nice paint job (which is as you come to expect from the models in the Forgeworld displays). Would I get one, well I would like one, but two things conspire against it, one cost and two (more importantly) time to do the model justice!