Space Marine Dreadnoughts

Space Marine Dreadnoughts, original plastic ones from the Stomper boxed set…

These are some of my Space Marine Dreadnoughts.

Space Marine Dreadnoughts

I usually use them as robots, but as they now have a marked resemblance to Mk IV venerable dreadnoughts from Forgeworld I may now paint up some of the others I have lying around as Grey Knights Mk IVs.

Space Marine Characters released this month…

The Epic Armageddon metal Space Marine characters are released this month.

This is a picture I took at UK GamesDay 2004.

Here are the Space Marine Characters.

It’s a pity that they are based so much on the plastic characters, new designs would have been nice, as they have done with the bikes.

A pity you can’t get the bikes separately, and I am unsure how many bikes you get in the “random” blister.

The Ork characters look interesting, but again most are re-casts of the plastic characters!