Harlequin Flyers

Harlequins are the Eldar followers of Cegorach, the Laughing God. They are the performers and entertainers of the Eldar, the self-appointed protectors of the Eldar’s pre-Fall history, which they perform in extremely elaborate plays involving not only elaborate costumes, scenery, acrobatics, and a troupe of dedicated actors, but further elaboration of the drama through psykana and psychedelic drugs.

These beautifully painted Harlequin flyers were on display at Warhammer World.

This is a Harlequins Starweaver. I think one of the reasons I would not paint up a Harlequin army is the necessity to paint large amounts of checked areas.

Starweavers streak across the battlefield as a storm of shattered light, relying upon a mixture of velocity and misdirection to confound the enemy’s aim. These swift attack vehicles have a transport platform at their rear capable of bearing a Harlequin Troupe into battle.

The more heavily armed Voidweaver is shown here.

Boasting a veritable arsenal of heavy weaponry, Voidweavers leave flaming devastation in their wake. Their every salvo sees enemies punched off their feet as storms of shuriken scream through the air, and enemy tanks are vaporised by the deadly prismatic cannon.

This is a Skyweaver.

Heavily armed and incredibly fast, squads of Skyweavers outmanoeuvre their foes before cutting them to pieces with concentrated firepower. Their ripping streams of shuriken fire and crackling bolts of electromagnetic energy slaughter foot troops and reduce enemy tanks to sparking wrecks with equal ease.