Ork Mega Dreads

Just what every mekboy wants; an even bigger `Dread! A smoke-belching, hydraulic monster able to tear apart enemy tanks and smash a side lesser war machines with contemptuous ease.

These Ork Mega Dreads were part of the Rynn’s World diorama at Warhammer World.

Inspired by the artwork from the original Warhammer 40000 Rogue Trader rulebook, this diorama shows the Crimson Fists making a heroic last stand against hordes of Orks.

More photographs of the Ork Mega Dread at Warhammer World.

Also more photographs in the Ork Mega Dread Miniatures Gallery.

I have one on my workbench, but it needs to be finished off… I bought mine at GamesDay 2009 and purchased it with two Killkannons as I didn’t think much of the Rippa-Claw, it looked flimsy in comparison to the model as a whole.