Mega Dread

Just what every mekboy wants; an even bigger `Dread! A smoke-belching, hydraulic monster able to tear apart enemy tanks and smash a side lesser war machines with contemptuous ease.

Back in September 2009, Forge World released the Mega Dread…

I bought mine at GamesDay 2009 and purchased it with two Killkannons as I didn’t think much of the Rippa-Claw, it looked flimsy in comparison to the model as a whole. Here is a photo of all the resin pieces.

The body, waist and engine sections went together quite easily. I then added one of the exhausts.

The legs have a fair few parts, including pistons.

These are the “thighs”.

These are then attached to the main body.

There are eight “taps” that they need to be glued onto the rear engine. The exhausts were challenging, in the main due to the superglue I was using.

There are Big Shootaz on either side of the body.

The body was then attached to the legs.

I bought the Mega Dread with two KilKannon arms. The reason for getting two KilKannons was that I was not that impressed with the close combat weapon that was available at the time, the claw arm looked very flimsy and as a result I felt the model looked unbalanced (from the photographs). Since I bought mine, Forge World have bought out a buzzsaw weapon arm for the Mega-Dread that is much better in my opinion and looks “heavier” and more deadly. If I was to buy a second Mega-Dread I would seriously think about getting the buzzsaw.

These are nice castings that go together really easily.

Though using one on the left and the right means taking a little extra care to ensure that you don’t end up with two left arms!

For one of the arms I used the plastic KilKannon from the Ork Battlewagon Upgrade Sprue. My reason for this was to make the Mega-Dread look too well constructed, I wanted the Mega-Dread to look like (as it does with the main part of the model) as though it was thrown together by a Mek from lots of rubbish and parts in his workshop. The plastic weapon needed minimal filing to fit and adds variety to the model.

One left arm and one right arm… Of course the model as a result has two spiked shoulder pads.

These were then stuck onto the body.

As you can see from this rear view, there is a lot of detail on this model. I aim to bring out this detail using a combination of washes and drybrushing.

My converted KilKannon.

I did consider having the guns pointing at the same target, but in the end decided to have them slightly off kilter.

I gave the model a black undercoat.

I then sprayed the model with a can of Humbrol dark brown spray paint. The model was purposely not sprayed to catch lower parts that would miss the spray to enable the black undercoat to act as shadow.

Forge World Ork Mega-Dread

Forge World Ork Mega-Dread

Having sprayed the model I gave it a wash using the Citadel washes, Devlan Mud and on the engine areas, Badab Black.

To continue the process I added some more washes of Devlan Mud and Badab Black, especially over the engine area.

To continue the process I added some more washes of Devlan Mud and Badab Black, especially over the engine area.

I put the model away for a while…

I now need to think about what to do next. I think the model is quite dark.

I will certainly add some metallic paint and rust to the engines on the back of the dread.