Forgeworld Newsletter #172

 The Imperial Guard Lucius pattern Macharius Heavy tank
The Imperial Guard Lucius pattern Macharius Heavy tank


Hi folks, and welcome to the 172nd Forge World Newsletter.

Firstly all here at Forge World would like to say a big `Thank-you!` to all the people who came along to what we hope to be just the first Forge World Open Day last weekend. From talking to people during the day and feedback we received later, the show was a great success, and what`s more, we enjoyed doing it too!

Our charity raffle to win a Warhound Titan was very popular and thanks to your generosity, Forge World raised over £600 for `Children In Need`! The lucky winner was Robert Daz and he took home a great big box with his new Mars pattern Warhound Titan inside.

The Forge World painting competition attracted quite a few entries with a broad selection of different model types for Mark Bedford and myself to look over and judge. After careful inspection and discussion, Mark and I both agreed that the winner was James Morton with his Death Korps of Krieg standard bearer.

We did set a couple of little `April Fool` tricks among the display models for fun. Some spotted the Death Korps of Krieg with his pet Guinea Pig while others noticed the `Bomb-bot` lurking in the cabinet. Oddly, no-one seemed to notice Tony`s joke hair-cut at all!

So what else went on? We helped run two themed games of 40K with the scenery set to re-create battles from Taros and Anphelion. There we used some of our display models alongside yours that you brought with you to fight scenarios from Imperial Armour Volumes 3 and 4.

We set up several games of `Aeronautica Imperialis`, both introductory games for the absolute beginner to try for the first time and scenarios to test the more advanced players. Perhaps most impressive was our 30`x20` 40K scale Aeronautica game! The guys in the Forge World Studio made faithful 40K sized copies of the bases, manoeuvre cards, smoke trails and the like, and we ended up with a great looking game that had people playing all day, even after the show had officially ended!

The Forge World Studio had several squadrons of Death Korps of Krieg Death Riders on show, (We even had a few for sale too, alongside the incredibly popular show-only Imperial Navy Pilot and Ork Skwadron Kommander!), concept sketches of future projects, pieces of work in progress and some completed new models like the `Malcador` tank that we haven’t even shown via the newsletter yet! We will be sharing all of these things and more with you all in the next few Forge World Newsletters, but if you just can`t wait, go and check out some of the 40K themed internet forums.

Thank-you` once again to all of you who came along and took part. Hopefully this will be something we can do again! Click here to see pictures of the day.


Ewen Little
Forge World.

All New Imperial Guard Heavy Tank!

We`ve teased you for the last week or two about the existence of this beast, so here it is: The Imperial Guard Lucius pattern Macharius Heavy tank! Shown off for the first time at the Forge World Open Day by its designer Daren Parrwood, the Macharius was much admired and photographed. The limited number of pre-production castings we had sold out very quickly as commanders rushed to add the firepower of a heavy tank armed with TWO battlecannon in the turret to their armies. Complementing the main turret armament, the Macharius has a twin-linked heavy stubber in a gorgeous barbette-style mount. Something I really like here are the posts limiting the side-to-side traverse of the guns, preventing the gunner shooting his own vehicle in the heat of battle!

Other features I like on this model are the tracks. I love how much is actually out on show, the interesting shape of the fighting compartment too, and how it covers different amounts of the tracks. The main turret is a wonderful piece of design work with an enormous commander`s cupola to one side, heavy looking stowage bins on the rear and the massive mounts either side of the main guns.

The two side-sponsons can be armed with heavy bolters, heavy stubbers or heavy flamers, depending on what enemy you are planning on utterly destroying, all of which are supplied in the kit of course!
Also included are the two Death Korps crew shown, but this does not mean that the Macharius is only used by the Death Korps of Krieg, far from it! The Macharius is deployed by Cadian armoured regiments, Valhallan, Tallarn and Mordian to name but a few.

The rules for using the Macharius in games of 40K will soon be published in the next big Forge World book, `Imperial Armour Volume 5 – The Siege of Vraks, Part 1` which should be available sometime in May. More about that in another newsletter soon…

The Macharius is a lovely big tank kit and has just been made available for you to pre-order today for release in just over three weeks, being shipped out from Monday April 30th onwards. Pre-order your Macharius here.

New Additions to the Eldar Sky Host for `Aeronautica Imperialis`

The Vampire Hunter is the specialised ground attack variant of the Vampire Raider. It forgoes the transport capacity of it`s close cousin for additional heavy armament, and carries massive Pulsars and multiple Missile Launchers which give the Vampire Hunter the firepower to engage the heaviest of enemy targets.

In games of `Aeronautica Imperialis`, the Vampire Hunter is really not a nice craft to have to fight, not at all. Faster than every Imperial fighter and more manoeuvrable than something this big should be, the Vampire Hunter is a formidable foe indeed!

Protecting the movements of the Eldar war host from aerial attack is the responsibility of the crews of Eldar Firestorms, a function this potent weapon system can perform with hideous efficiency. Capable of filling the sky with up to nine attack dice worth of shots, the Eldar Firestorm is something best avoided or shot at from a respectful distance.

Both of these beautifully detailed Epic scale models are the work of Forge World designer and modelmaker Will Hayes, and are available to pre-order online today at the Forge World online store for release week commencing April 30th.

Forge World Shows & Events

Games Day France is getting very close, next weekend in fact! We plan on having both the show-only Imperial Navy Pilot and Ork Skwadron Kommander available there, so if you have not already sent us your reservation order, (Details on how to do this can be found here), please do so soon! We must receive it by 10am on Tuesday at the latest, okay? Any later and we will not have time to get it all packed up and shipped to Paris.

Salute! 2007 is only one week later so please get us any last minute reservations, like for the two pilots mentioned above, to us by 10am on Tuesday April 17th.

Games Day Atlanta and Games Day Canada are both very soon afterwards so think now about what you want us to reserve for you and let us know as soon as possible please.

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