Ork Burna Boyz in the Ash Wastes

My Ork Burna Boyz advance through the Ash Wastes from a recent game.

Burna Boyz
Burna Boyz

They are traversing over one of the new plastic craters (unpainted).

The new Ork Codex changed the Burna Boyz rules quite a bit. One change I did find useful was the ability to have some Meks on board. And as Meks can try and fix broken Ork vehicles, my Ork Burna Boyz are now more like a team whose main job is to fix Ork vehicles on the battlefield.

In the past few games they have done a good job and fixed a couple of vehicles including my Gunwagon.

Forge World Ork Gunwagon

My Forge World Ork Gunwagon full of Orks advancing through the ash wastes.

Gunwagon with Kannon

If you have been following my workbench feature on my Forge World Ork Gunwagon, you will know that it is nearly finished. Though not quite finished, it’s finished enough for me to use in a game (or two). Having read the Forge World Masterclass Volume One book I am re-looking at the model and will see if there are things I can add to the model. It performs quite well, and just ensure you have a few Meks around to fix it when it gets shot to pieces.

Full workbench feature on my Ork Gunwagon.

More pictures of Ork Gunwagons.