Revealed – The Cargo-8 Ridgehauler

Look what we’re getting…

Back in January we were given a glimpse of a vehicle used in the Ash Wastes of Necromunda, though we had no idea what it was. It looked interesting though, I did like the concept of a land train running though the ash wastes and getting attacked by raiders. There were echoes of Mad Max and Car Wars in all this. However at this stage this was a concept, and we got some idea about the vehicle from the drawings in the animation.

We now know from the recent announcement on the Warhammer Community that this vehicle is a Cargo-8 Ridgehauler.

Goods from the hive manufactories are ferried across the poisoned wastes on great land trains. There’s money to be made from protecting the Guild of Coin’s Cargo-8 Ridgehaulers, which are juicy targets both for the nomadic denizens of the Ash Wastes and for gangs of underhive bandits.

In March we were saw that the Ash Wastes were revealed in full at AdeptiCon. There was though no vehicle included in the game and I was a little disappointed by the look of the game, even with the quad bikes and buggies. There was also no sign of the Ridgehauler.

However the recent announcement of the Cargo-8 Ridgehauler gives us a much clearer view of the forthcoming model. You can certainly build a land train with the models.

My immediate reaction was a little muted. It wasn’t quite what I was thinking it might be. It seems to have been built around the Munitorum Armoured Container and I am not sure if this works. Well I get that the background is about moving goods across the ash wastes, so need containers to move it.

I guess we will get one model released, though I know I would like to see future expansions with additional trailers. 

So still a bit on the fence on this one.

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