Chronos Pattern Ironcrawler

Over on the Warhammer Community site they have provided us with a preview of the Chronos Pattern Ironcrawler for Necromunda.

Chronos Pattern Ironcrawler

With its tracked propulsion, the Ironcrawler can drive over anything – from sand and rocks to prone enemy gangers or Gun-smyths who’ve sold you dodgy merchandise. Its sealed cab keeps the driver safe from radioactive dust storms and radioactive gangers alike, for a true all-terrain vehicle. 

I do like this model and think it is a much better model than the Cargo-8 Ridgehauler. I was a bit on the fence with the Cargo-8 Ridgehauler and never bought one. Though they did bring out the trailer and the Promethium Tanks trailer, the concept didn’t really work for me.

I do like the Chronos Pattern Ironcrawler model, it has a realistic industrial feel to it. I can see this not just in the Ash Wastes, but also in games of Warhammer 40K. I quiet like the Necromunda range has some nice models that can add to the look and feel of 40K scenery and games.

Now with the Chronos Pattern Ironcrawler I am also thinking that this could make a good hauler for a land train. Then I got thinking about making some armed and armoured trailers for a land train. One option would be to add wheels instead of the tracks to the Chronos Pattern Ironcrawler, as the chassis looks the same as the Cargo-8 Ridgehauler.

Another idea I have thought about for the Chronos Pattern Ironcrawler is to paint it in JCB yellow as a piece of scenery. Though it is missing a dozer blade.

Will add this model to my ever increasing list of wants!

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