Star Wars Rebel Troopers with Heavy Weapons

In the Star Wars Legion starter box you get fourteen Rebel models, with two each of seven variations. There are two offices, four with heavy weapons and eight “regular” troopers.

The two heavy weapons specialists carry a Z-6 rotary blaster cannon and an MPL-57 modified to fire ion torpedoes.

Having built, based and undercoated the Rebel Troopers with Heavy Weapons, as well as deciding how I was going to paint the rebel forces I gave the two Heavy Weapons figures a basecoat.

Initially I painted a couple of trooper models, one with Militarum Green contrast paint and the other Snakebite Leather. This worked for me, so I painted the rest of the Rebel Troopers. I did the same for the four Rebel Troopers with Heavy Weapons, one pair with Militarum Green contrast paint.

I painted the other pair with Snakebite Leather.

Next step will be some drybrushing to bring out the detail and highlights.

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