Painting more Rebel Troopers

In the Star Wars Legion starter box you get fourteen Rebel models, with two each of seven variations. There are two offices, four with heavy weapons and eight “regular” troopers. Having started to revisit my Star Wars Legion Rebel Troopers, flocking their bases and giving them a white undercoat the next stage will be painting them. I spent some time planning the painting of my Star Wars Legion Rebel Troopers.

As there are duplicate models in my collection of Rebel Troopers, that gives me an excuse to use different colours across the force. Seven will be mainly green and seven will be mainly light brown. Initially I painted a couple of models, one with Militarum Green contrast paint and the other Snakebite Leather. This worked for me, so I painted the rest of the Rebel Troopers.

Rebel Troopers

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