Retiring a few projects

I was doing some clearing out of the garage and realised that in a plastic bag (of all things) were some old Ork scenery projects that I had started over a decade ago, but never got around to finishing off.

I did some hard thinking and decided that if I hadn’t finished them by now I was never going to finish them, so I threw them out. I did think that if I wanted to do some scenery it might be easier to just start again.

So which projects have I retired?

Well the first was the Ork Defence Line which was based on some Imperial scenery pieces I had got at a Games Day. I had built some scenery at GamesDay and came home with the bits. These I then decided to take apart and re-build them as an Ork Defence Line.

Another project I retired was the Ork Desert Fuel Depot which was part of an Ork Cities of Death project. I did nearly finish one Ork Desert Fort, however that one I am keeping. Having liked that I started another fort, I took an old DVD-R spindle tub and covered it in plasticard and strips of wood, as well as spare parts from Rhino and Land Raider kits. 

The final project I retired was the Stompa Gantry which was based on a broken toy crane.

I think part of the reason this was never finished was I never finished painting the Stompa!

Well I can always start these ideas again if I want to in the future, in the meantime I must try and get some of my exisiting collection painted and finished.

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