Battle of Five Armies Terrain

These ruins are from GW’s forthcoming Warmaster scale Battle of the Five Armies game.

The Battle of the Five Armies is from JRR Tokien’s superb story, The Hobbit, and is a large mass battle between goblins and wargs, versus the armies of dwarves, elves and man, with Eagles, a dragon, and some hobbits…

The ruins also look ideal for Epic as well.

Imperial Guard Basilisk

This is a model of the Imperial Guard Basilisk Armageddon Pattern, from the collection of my friend Simon.

It is an Imperial Guard Basilisk Armageddon Pattern with extra stowage and a muzzle brake. It has a very detailed and well painted interior.

Simon took a range of photographs of the painting process and I hope to have a workbench feature on this model in the near future.

Warhammer 40K Fourth Edition First Games

Today I have my first two games of Warhammer 40K using the new fourth edition rules.

The first was a small infantry bash to try out the shooting and assault rules.

I did lose, but then I only had sixteen Orks and I was facing thirty Imperial Guard.

The rules seem a little clearer, but somethings are missing like weapon stats for the Orks (which are not all in the Codex) such as the Shoota. The newer Codicies such as the Imperial Guard do contain all the weapon stats.

The second game was the same Orks versus Imperial Guard, but the Guard had a Basilisk and a Demolisher, whilst I reinforced the Orks with a Squiggoth, two Killa Kans, a Trukk, a Wartrakk and a Grot Bomb Launcha. I got within 10″ of the Imperial Guard before the final shot was fired (and this included reviving a shot Squiggoth and allowing the Grot Bomb Launcha to reload…