Assassin (Catachan assassin)

The finished model.

I am always wary of paying too much for a single figure and therefore paying £7.00 for an assassin seemed a little too much (especially as it is a rather dimunitive model). Therefore I have decided to use a Catachan Sniper (which was only £2.00 via Mail Order).

Here he is in his unpainted state.

Here he has been sprayed with a white undercoat

The next stage is to paint the base uniform colour. After some thought I decided that I would not paint the base uniform colour and do the weapon first. Though in “reality” the sniper’s weapon would be dulled down, I knew that this probably wouldn’t look “right”, so I painted it black and gave it a drybrush of Chainmail. I also painted the inside of the camo cloak and his boots Scorched Brown.

The model was then given a base coat of Desert Yellow.

The flesh areas were then painted with flesh paint and the whole model given a wash of thinned chestnut ink.

Because I didn’t add any paint to the ink wash (I didn’t know that at the time), he is somewhat glossy.

I added more flesh tones to the assassin.

I toned down the brown with some brown tones.

I flocked the base with Games Workshop Modelling Sand, before giving the base a cost of Bestial Brown. I am not totally happy with this model, and I may re-paint, or get a new assassin and try again. I quite like the Tallarn snipers from Forge World.

The base was then given a drybrush of Bleached Bone.

Here are some photographs of the finished model.