Cities of Death

At the beginning of the week I popped into my local toyshop which sales GW stuff and was disappointed to find that they had sold out of their copies of the new Warhammer 40K supplement Cities of Death.

Cities of Death

Having been forced from the centre of Bristol due to a WW2 German Bomb I tried to leave Bristol via Cribbs Causeway and popped into the GW store there which did have copies (but none of the urban basing kits).

Picked up my copy and admired their Cities of Death terrain, one table was being built, the other looked finished and was in my opinion really nicely done, well worth a look if you are in the area.

Had a nice long chat with Zak as the place was surprisingly empty for 5.30pm about various games and stuff.

Cities of Death looks excellent and there are some lovely pictures in there.

I have also had a quick look at the stratagems which look for making a very interesting game and I am looking forward to making some models for them as well.

Next question, do I buy the plastic buildings?

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