Gandalf the Grey

This is the 10mm version of Gandalf from GW’s forthcoming Warmaster scale Battle of the Five Armies.

The Battle of the Five Armies is from JRR Tokien’s superb story, The Hobbit, and is a large mass battle between goblins and wargs, versus the armies of dwarves, elves and man, with Eagles, a dragon, and some hobbits…

Grey Knights Attack Bike

At the recent UK GamesDay, a preview of the new all plastic Space Marine Attack Bike was shown.

As you may have seen in previous posts and on my workbench I have been working on a Grey Knights Landspeeder.

I do realise that it is not in the Codex and there is not a lot of fluff to support such a model, however I do think it will look cool. I am using the Land Speeder which came with the original boxed set, purity symbols from ForgeWorld and a book and skull from the Inquisitor range.

Under the same misconception I think that the new plastic Attack Bike will make a fine starting point for a Grey Knights version.

Also at Gamesday was a completed Forgeworld pre-Heresy Land Raider, built and painted by Will Hayes.

MkIIb Land Raider from Will Hayes' collection.
MkIIb Land Raider from Will Hayes’ collection.

It is my intention to get one of these for my Grey Knights (and this is in the Codex and the fluff).

Fanatic Magazine Issue #4

Finally managed to get a copy, even though it was hidden…

When I was last in a Games Workshop store (a couple of weeks back) I did ask if they had a copy of issue #4 of Fanatic magazine and they said it was out in a week.

Last week at GamesDay though there were copies on the Fanatic Studio to peruse but none for sale. I did try and convince Fanatic to give me a review copy for the website, but they must have had hundreds of people asking that as they gave me a flat no!

Popped into a local Games Workshop store today and couldn’t see a copy out, so I asked if they had it in, it was, hidden behind some copies of the Warhammer comic behind the counter…. obviously well set out and easy to find for the casual purchaser who doesn’t know it exists!

When asked why this was the case the answer was they they didn’t want to hide it, as they got their copies free already…. didn’t make sense then, doesn’t make sense now!

As for the contents, the Epic Siege Army is covered as is Nurgle for Warmaster, more information from the GW site:

In this issue there are tactics for fielding either an Imperial or Chaos fleet in BFG. The Imperial Guards Baran Siegemasters arrive in Epic Armageddon and Blood Bowl hits the streets with the rules for Street bowl games. The hordes of Nurgle slime their way onto the Battlefield in Warmaster, and the lights are out in Necromunda with rules for Blind fighting and can Inquisitor Kessel escape from the clutches of Witch Hunter Tyrus in Inquisitor? All this and more including the regular news and features.