The new look of Doctor Who slightly geeky…

This will be the new look of the tenth Doctor.

David Tennant’s outfit is very different to Chris Ecclestone’s outfit but that is to be expected as everytime we have had a new Doctor we have a new outfit.

Lots of news from the new series, with the big story being the return of Sarah Jane Smith! We also see the return of the Cybermen.

Coming soon to Doctor Who…

Lots of scarecrows amongst other things…

At the end of the Lazarus episode of Doctor Who a trailer was shown which unlike most other trailers covered more than the next episode.

In it we see lots of previews of other episodes.

On Saturday 26th May we shall see some scary scarecrows. No idea what they are up to, or where they came from.

It is also apparent that Doctor Who ends up in the trenches in the first world war.

We also see the return of Captain Jack as implied in the final episode of season one of Torchwood.

I think we can say that David Tennant is certainly working well as the tenth doctor.

I am enjoying this season.

BBC denies Doctor ‘quits’ report

David Tennant is “committed” to Doctor Who, the BBC insists, despite a report that he is leaving the sci-fi drama.

Doctor and Donna

The Sun claimed the actor, 35, planned to depart next year, in the middle of the fourth series of the hit programme.

But he was currently filming the third series, a BBC spokeswoman said, adding that any episodes beyond that had yet to receive the go-ahead.

Third Series Confirmed

The BBC have confirmed that there will be a third series of Doctor Who, even before the first is finished and the second has started filming.

With two christmas specials as well, there are going to be twenty-eight new episodes of Doctor Who to look forward to.

Sadly Chris is leaving after Saturday’s episode, but Billie will be in all of series two, and the new doctor is David Tennant.

David Tennant
Kelly Reilly as Allison and David Tennant as Jimmy Porter in John Osborne’s Look Back in Anger. Photo credit: Euan Myles.

We will also see the return of the Cybermen!