More Ork Barricades

One of the nice Cities of Death models released were the resin Ork Barricades. Six resin barricades (still available) that have a very Orkiness about them.

Orks are adapt at banging together large piles of debris, welding them with burnas and Gretchin for extra stickiness. In dense city-fights, cunning Ork Warbosses use these barricades to funnel enemy troops and prevent their armour from manoeuvring, before their Tankbustas launch a devastating ambush.

These are going to be part of what hopefully will be an Ork city.

Here is one of the barricades.

And here’s another…

I do like these resin models. In my opinion this is the material that should have been used for the Blastscape pack.

See the full workbench feature on the Ork Barricades.

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