When I saw this product for Apocalypse on the Games Workshop website, it looked really good.

So I thought I woud get a pack.

Alas the original image on the website was of some resin masters, the vac formed final product was nothing like what we saw in the previews. Though GW did (eventually) revise the product image to what you actually got rather than using resin masters.

It was a pity really that they didn’t make resin versions (like the Urban Barricades and Ork Barricades). Having said all that, they were a splash release and are now no longer available to buy.

These are the plain vac formed blastscapes.

I decided I would “enhance” the blastscapes with some slate from sand. Using PVA (white glue) I applied it the edges.

This was then covered in GW sand.

So I decided to add some texture to the blastscapes. I mixed some polyfilla, white glue, sand and water. This was then brushed liberally over the blastscapes. These photographs were taken when they were wet.

The next stage was an undercoat, I used both a black spray and a red primer.

I then used a brown spray to soften the black and red.