Imperial Armour Apocalypse II arrived…

Yay. Well done Forge World, my copy of Imperial Armour Apocalypse II arrived this afternoon via UPS.


It’s another excellent product from Forge World, superb production quality. Full of great pictures and writing.

Imperial Armour Apocalypse II is a 112 page, full-colour hardback which provides comprehensive and updated descriptions, background and rules for using all of Forge World’s recent models in your games of Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse.

The book is packed with over fifty new Apocalypse datasheets accompanied by lavish photographs, ranging from legendary units like the mighty Reaver Battle Titan to the Daemon Lord Aetaos’rau’keres -Tzeentch’s Slayer of Souls. Included are new Forge World units such as the advanced Tau XV-9 Close Support Armour and the Lucius Pattern Dreadnought Drop Pod, new Apocalypse battle formations such as the savage Ork Mega-Rippa Krew and the lethal Eldar Death Web, and a few updated and unpublished datasheets as well. Also featured are an updated Apocalypse rules appendix, a unit index and some new optional Apocalypse rules and five new missions to play!

Was surprised to see in the Ork rules that Gunwagons can use the new Big Trakk rules.

It is available to order.

6 thoughts on “Imperial Armour Apocalypse II arrived…”

  1. The Mega Dread is one nice model. Mine is getting nearer completition, well the body is basically done, now just working on the two weapon arms.

  2. I noticed a distinct lack of availability of the Slayer of Souls’ rules anywhere online, darn it! I assume he’s at least S8, T8, with hopefully 9 wounds. He must have at least a 3+ save like Fateweaver.
    Anyone know if they gave him a Beam of Power like a Silver Tower has? Strength D blast or shot or anything? Summoning a bunch more horrors would be annoying, as I’d have to make more horrors.

    While I like the head of the new big Daemon, I was disappointed in the wings, they don’t look chaotic enough. That pastel paint job on the Forgeworld site is kinda Easter colored for Tzeentch.
    I think over the next year I’ll make my own version, good sculpting and design challenge. Perhaps even with a fungus body like the old flamers:)
    He’ll definitely have chittering faces on his skin.

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