Fortress of Redemption

Fortress of Redemption from GamesDay 2010.

The Fortress of Redemption is an indomitable fortress, a towering bulwark against the ravages of planetary invasion. First used by the Dark Angels of the Adeptus Astartes, these unyielding fortresses have since been used by every military force in the Imperium of Man, and have proved invaluable in the war against disorder. A nigh on unassailable stronghold, the Fortress of Redemption bristles with weaponry, a missile silo and two bunker annexes.

This is quite a “constrained” piece of scenery in that it is very specific terrain piece that has, in my opinion, little use outside a Dark Angels army. If this had been a non-specific Space Marine chapter fortress I am sure I would have bought one, as I suspect many others would as well. Having said that I do like the fact that Games Workshop as well as producing non-specific terrain also makes specific terrain.

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