Forgeworld Newsletter #154


Games Day UK is done and the very first thing to say in this newsletter is a very big thank you from everybody here at Forge World to everyone that came to see us on the day and made it one of the most successful and fun events we have ever participated in. But apart from those very well deserved thanks, I’m afraid we’ve no brand new models to show you this time (we deserve a breather you know!) but we do have some welcome news to impart with the start of our special Christmas Shipping Offer, (yes we know that Yuletide is not upon us yet, but we thought we’d give you a head start!)
But to get back to that thank you, it was great to see and talk to so many of you in person at Games Day UK, and we hope you enjoyed picking up some cool stuff from us as well as seeing what we have in store for you in the future. We’d also like to particularly thank those of you who patiently waited through the press of eager hobbyists at our stands during the day; your forbearance was much appreciated! However we are aware that many of you couldn’t make it to Games Day (and in some cases just didn’t get to see everything there) so we thought we’d give you a chance to see a selection of some of our latest finished and painted models we showcased at the event in our picture extravaganza further on.

Alan Bligh,
Forge World.

The Christmas Shipping Offer Returns!

The headline perhaps most of you will be interested in is the return of our ever-popular Christmas Shipping Offer. We are delighted to be able to announce that we will once again be able to bring you the following; If you place any order with us at Forge World with a value of £100 or more between now and the end of the Holiday Season, you will receive free standard shipping to anywhere in the world; yes anywhere from Basingstoke to Bogotá and beyond without a penny of postage to pay. Of course our usual Express shipping offer applies so any order of £250 will still be upgraded to express delivery for free!

Best in Show

Each year at Games Day UK we hand out our own Best in Show trophy to the Golden Demon entrant judged best by us here at Forge World and this year the winner’s laurels (well a plaque actually) goes to Joe Barnett for his Cadian Command Squad, a worthy addition to our Forge World hall of fame.

Victory for the Krieg!

Here you can see pictures of own Mark Bedford’s excellent Death Korps of Krieg diorama, which captures the grim essence of the Death Korps and the terrible war zones in which they battle. This entry won the Silver in the prestigious Open Category at Games Day UK. This hard-fought category is open to everyone including members of Games Workshop’s studios and the ‘Evy Metal team, so as you can imagine the competition is fierce, so congratulations Mark!

The Gorgon Roars

Our latest super-heavy tank kit available now for pre-order is the Gorgon Armoured Assault Transport shown here painted by Paul Rudge in both of its available configurations (with Mortars and with Sponsons), ready to crush the Emperor’s enemies under its merciless tracks and unleash the Imperial Guard to do battle.

The Manta Takes Wing

You can see the final result of all the waiting and the anticipation here in the shape of the finished and painted Tau Manta. A truly mammoth undertaking in every sense of the word it turned more than a few heads at Games Day and this version was put together and painted by the man responsible for the original model-Will Hayes.

Eternal Wrath

Although it’s been out for a while, the Khorne Bloodthirster remains one of our most popular models and we just couldn’t resist bringing you pictures of this striking version painted by its sculptor Daniel Cockersell. Its singular colour scheme makes it really stand out from the crowd, and frankly if there’s a more savage and downright hungry looking Bloodthirster out there I haven’t seen it!

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