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In today’s Forge World Newsletter we have list of up and coming model projects and some photos of work in progress to share with you. We have also just taken delivery of a special collectible model that we will tell you a little more about later. But today’s main headline has to be the introduction of an exciting new shipping offer that starts right now! (See below for details!)

Ewen Little,
Forge World.

Christmas Shipping Offer
Last year many of you may remember we did a shipping offer before Christmas and as it was so popular we decided to run it again this year. All the way from now until Christmas, anyone who places an order with Forge World for £100 and above won’t pay a single penny for standard shipping. Yup, we pay your postage for you! And of course if your order comes to £250 or more, then you get free Express Delivery to anywhere in the world! Some essential information for anyone wanting to order for Christmas is all of our ‘last order’ dates. The link below will take you to the page on the Forge World website with all you need to know.

What we showed at Games Day
Last weekend at Games Day UK, the Forge World model designers took along projects they were working on for all to see. The link below has a few photos of some of the most popular pieces which will give you a bit of an idea of what is up and coming in the near future. The first photo is of the unfinished master model of a 40K scale Tau Manta. This truly monstrous model has a wingspan of about 860mm/34 inches across. Will Hayes has been working on the Manta for over 3 months and while it can already carry and deploy 4 Devilfish from the lower deck, Will is working on fitting all 48 Fire Warriors into the upper deck now. There is still quite a lot of work to do on the Manta but we will keep you up-to-date with this exciting project in future newsletters. Simon Egan was showing off his nearly complete Tyranid Trygon, a large burrowing Tyranid construct that looks damned scary if you ask me! The idea behind the Trygon is that they burrow up into a target area or behind an enemy and other Tyranid creatures follow along the tunnels they dig to spring ambushes! Our second batch of Elysian Drop Troops progress nicely as we show off some armed with large calibre assault shotguns. Among the other Elysian releases planned are Elysian Veterans and other pieces of equipment as used during the Anphelion Project… We also had some brand new soon to be released Epic 40,000 Eldar Nightwing fighters on show. The ridiculous thing is that these tiny aircraft still manage to include a swing-wing feature! Released in the next few weeks is the second of our new range of etched metal symbols and icons. This sheet of large Imperial Eagles will be great for use on buildings and large vehicles I reckon.

Return of an old favourite
Earlier this week we received a delivery of some of our ’Lord of the Rings’ ‘The Ruined Watchtower of Amon Sul on Weathertop Hill’ models. ‘Weathertop’ plays host to the scene of the encounter between Strider and the Hobbits verses the evil Ringwraiths in ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’ and measures over 400mm across! This lovely piece of terrain will only be available while stocks last, so if you want to be sure of owning a ‘Weathertop’ please don’t wait, because when they are gone then we won’t get any more for a looong time!

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I have already posted pictures of the Epic Eldar Nightwing, see more of my pictures of the other models over the next few days.

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