Forge World Ork Gunwagon

I got a Forge World Ork Gunwagon many years ago, well in 2006.

Ork Gunwagon with Kannon

A variant of a standard Battlewagon, a basic gunwagon consists of a powerful engine and a mounted Big Shoota on a chassis. A gunwagon only has a seat for the driver, but hand holds are provided to transport Orks over short distances. Much like other Ork vehicles, the gunwagon is a highly modifiable platform, and can be armed with a Zzap Gun, a Kannon, or a quad of Flak guns while still retaining its transport capabilities. In addition, the gunwagon can be up-armoured to protect the driver and gunner, and also mounts an extra Big Shoota.

Gunwagon with Kannon

This kit hasn’t been available from Forge World for some years now. There isn’t a like for like replacement either.

Gunwagon with Kannon

I have noticed that Forge World’s list of Ork kits has shrunk over the years. Their big Ork tanks are no longer available. Glad I got some when I did, though I should get to finish painting them.

Ork Gunwagon with Kannon from Felix's collection
Ork Gunwagon with Kannon from Felix’s collection

My Gunwagon is armed with a Forge World Kannon. Though it is not fixed, so I can replace it with other heavy weapons.

Here is the Gunwagon next to a Looted Rhino for a size comparison.

Ork Gunwagon with Kannon
Ork Gunwagon with Kannon alongside a Squiggoth

Workbench feature on the Forge World Ork Gunwagon.

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