Forge World Newsletter #191

Another Forge World Newsletter this time with some new Chaos stuff…

Hello There,
It’s been some time since our last newsletter, and we have been incredibly busy here at Forge World in the interim, both in keeping up with the unprecedented amount of orders we’ve been getting and in preparing for the future release Imperial Armour Volume 6. If you are still waiting on an order, don`t worry, we will get your models out to you as soon as we can, and for those of you we have left craving new releases, we have some fantastic ones to announce in this newsletter in the shape of our Death Guard Terminator and Marine Conversion Kits, and our new Death Korps of Krieg Equipment & Upgrade sets.
Alan Bligh

The Battle for Vraks Continues…
Imperial Armour Volume 6: The Siege of Vraks Part 2 will see a massive escalation in the brutal war between the loyalist Imperial forces and the renegades led by the treacherous Cardinal Xaphan. Of course, this means we will be producing an expanding range of new Chaos and Imperial releases to help you fight your own battles for Vraks or simply add some cool new models to your own collection.

The Lords of Decay

The first new re-enforcements for the traitors of Vraks are from the dreaded Death Guard Chaos Space Marine Legion. We have two new beautifully vile and suppurating conversion sets for these Plague Marines, both designed by Mark Bedford. Firstly we have our Death Guard Marines Conversion set which requires the use of the plastic Chaos Space Marine boxed set, and builds ten Death Guard Marines. Although intended to represent the Plague Marines of the Death Guard, you could also use them to help create your own legions of decay, Nurgle-marked Chaos Marine Havocs, or even Nurgle-marked Raptors and the like. The Death Guard Terminator Conversion set in conjunction with the Chaos Terminator boxed set, goes to make up five Death Guard Terminators, and of course can also be used to furnish your Nurgle-marked Chaos Space Marine characters and Nurgle-marked Terminators for other renegade forces.

As you can see from the pictures these are wonderfully detailed models that really bring the decaying ruin of the Death Guard to unholy life, and you`ll see more Chaos models and further re-enforcements for the Renegades in the coming months.

Death Korps of Krieg Upgrade Sets

We also have some new and much-requested additions for our Death Korps of Krieg range in the shape of three Equipment upgrade sets, designed by Will Hayes and Simon Egan. These sets feature extra weapons and equipment in the patterns and styles used by the Death Korps. The first, the Death Korps of Krieg Weapons set contains five lasguns and two each of the grenade launcher, melta gun and flamer (one of each set with arms, and one unattached). The Death Korps of Krieg Equipment set features vox casters, ammunition, bayonets, demo charges and grenades, while the Death Korps of Krieg Command Upgrade set is made up of extra plasma and las pistols and chain and power swords, and weapon arms, as well as a set of five extra command shoulder plates to expand your command units.

As with the Renegades and followers of Chaos, the Imperium will also see an expansion in the forces fighting on Vraks, so you can look forward to more models for the Death Korps as well as some new forces becoming involved in the spiralling war we have yet to reveal!

Imperial Armour Volume 5 Q & A

Also up on the Forge World website is a new Q & A document compiled by Warwick Kinrade for Imperial Armour Volume 5, which you can find Here.

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  1. “If you are still waiting on an order, don`t worry, we will get your models out to you as soon as we can”
    I’ve been waiting for over 8 weeks for my order. I understand it was a large one, and FW is busy with new kits and events, but 8 weeks is ridiculous!

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