Favourite and least favourite models

On the EpiComm forums, one question asked was which are your favourite and which are your least favourite.

Here are my choices…

Infantry trooper – IG Codex Grey Infantry.
Light Vehicle – Ork Wartrakk (Epic40k version) though the metal Space Marine bike from SM1 was a close second, it’s probably as I have used the Wartrakk more in games.

Standard Tank – Leman Russ (Epic40K version), this was a difficult choice as I also really like the Epic40K Space Marine Vindicator and the Ork Bowelburna, Lungbursta were also in the running.

Super Heavy – Capitol Imperialis is I guess my fave, but I also like the E40K Imperial SHTs and Ork Battlefortresses

Fliers – Currently the E40K Ork Fighter Bomber, but I have some Forgeworld flyers in the post and I have yet to see the Landa in the flesh so this will probably change…

Titan (type and class) – Ork Great Gargant version 1 (all metal version from Space Marine)

Least favourite:
Infantry trooper – standard Ork Boyz, it’s just okay when it could have been so much improved for both E40K and EA, I am also not as fan of the Shooty Boyz.
Light Vehicle – Ork Plastic Buggy – ugh when I first saw it I didn’t realise it was a buggy, and was very disappointed with it!
Standard Tank – SM2 Vindicator, it’s just awful, no debate, just awful!
Super Heavy – Leviathan – was always way out of scale and never seemed to fit in with other models
Flier – Space Marine Thunderhawk (all versions but the first version was particularly awful)
Titan (type and class) – Mega-Gargant, though the Imperator Titan was a close second.

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