Eldar Phantom Titan

One of the highlights of GamesDay 2010 was Will Hayes’ Eldar Phantom Titan. This is the sketch model.

Very impressive and very tall.

It will be at least six months before it goes on sale and probably closer to nine months.

One of the interesting comments from the Forge World seminar on the logistics of Forge World. Basically they have the resources to make one BIG model every two years. In 2009 we saw the Reaver Titan, 2011 we see the Eldar Phantom Titan.

So what do we see in 2013?

I know I would like to see an Ork Gargant, however I suspect that a Warlord Titan is probably the most likely option.

Another comment made in the seminar was that the resin and process they use, is used by companies such as Rolls Royce to make resin models of their aircraft engines. This means that size isn’t really an issue! So a Capitol Imperialis is certainly possible from a logistics perspective, from a market perspective, some would sell, but would enough sell to make it worthwhile for Forge World to make one?

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