Dwarf Stronghold

From the Warhammer Fantasy Battle Mega Game at GamesDay 2006…

This is the fantastic Dwarf Stronghold from the Warhammer Fantasy Battle Mega Game at GamesDay 2006.

Here are the defenders on the mountain sides.

Here are some of the attacking goblin wolf riders.

Another shot of the stronghold gates with gun turrets.

A view of the game, look at the size of that table.

A really nice mega-game.

Forgeworld Imperial Thunderbolt

This is a Forgeworld Imperial Thunderbolt, from the Forgeworld Display Cabinets at GamesDay 2006…

Imperial Navy Thunderbolt
Imperial Navy Thunderbolt

A close-up of the cockpit. I like the detailing such as the scratched paintwork where the cockpit cover retracts into the body of the plane.

Cockpit of the Imperial Navy Thunderbolt
Cockpit of the Imperial Navy Thunderbolt

From the Forgeworld Display cabinets at GamesDay 2006. This is a different model to the other Thunderbolt I have seen in the display in previous years.

More on GamesDay 2006

I was reading the forums on Warseer.com and it would appear that a few people did not enjoy GamesDay 2006 as they had in previous years.

The big criticism was that there was very little to see which hadn’t been seen before and virtually no previews of miniatures and artwork from stuff which is scheduled to be released between now and GamesDay 2007. There was also complaints about the focus this year on the focus on gaming.

I am not sure where I stand on this, personally I like seeing the new stuff and seeing the preview stuff, but it would seem for a lot of people the reason to go to GamesDay is to “play games”. Certainly all the people playing games in this photograph seemed to be having fun!

If you went to GamesDay to see new stuff and previews, yes you would be disappointed.

If you went to have fun playing games, I suspect you had a good time.

There were some things which stood out for me, in particular this fantastic display of Space Wolves, which certainly blew me away.

I also had some really nice chats with people like Jez Godwin and Aly Morrison, people who were usually besieged by other gamers in previous years.

It was also nice to discuss stuff with Warwick again and talk about the new air rules.

Talking to the plastic model tooling guys was interesting, and its incredible to see to the advances in technology which should make plastic kits even better and more detailed than before.

I spent a long time talking to the Gorgon designer Daren Parrwood and what was planned for the Death Korps of Krieg, there will be quite a few conversion kits for the Korps as well as more new models and a lot of trench and siege stuff. All very Victorian Steampunk SF and World War Oneish.

There were also complaints about the standard of painting in the Golden Demon, and it did seem that there were very few outstanding pieces of work to see, I personally liked this Grot tank.

From the Golden Demon Display Cabinets and Forge World, photographed at GamesDay.

I suspect that one problem is that previous years’ standards were so high, it puts some of the top painters off.

I am still working on the photographs and they should be up this week.

Overall if you were looking for news and previews, no luck, if you were looking for gaming then you would have found it.

GamesDay 2006

Today I was at GamesDay 2006 (and yes I did take some photographs, three hundred and twenty-one to be precise).

It was a really good event and I had a very enjoyable time.

It seemed less frantic than in the previous two years which meant that I had an opportunity for nice chats with a lot of different people.

One disappointment was the lack of previews and new stuff from either Forgeworld or the Design Studio. It use to be at GamesDay you would see cabinets of pre-release miniatures, today it seemed that the cabinets were full of miniatures you could actually go and buy.

I nearly did buy a Gorgon, a fantastic model and here is the painted one that was on display.

Imperial Guard Gorgon from the Forgeworld displays at GamesDay 2006.
Imperial Guard Gorgon from the Forgeworld displays at GamesDay 2006

I am hoping to post all 321 photographs over the next few days, but need to watch out for webspace and bandwidth issues.

Having put a few pounds away each week I had quite a tidy sum to spend and as per usual Forgeworld got most of my money, more details soon.

Overall I really enjoyed the event.

Update: Here is the show report with all the photographs.