The Prussians are coming…

The first Dystopian models I finished painting were some Prussian naval ships. The main model was a Blucher Class Dreadnought. Alongside this large ship I have six Arminius Class Frigates in support.

Though I have some Airships, two Pflicht Class Scoutships and a Sky Fortress, what I wanted to get was a few more naval vessels in order to have a naval battle group for the Prussian Empire.

I did initially consider getting the Prussian Empire Naval Battle Group boxed set, but the only models I actually wanted from the box were the battleship and the cruisers. I already had the frigates and, as mentioned elsewhere I am not a great fan of the flyers and the bombers. Buying the blisters of the battleship and the cruisers would be a lot cheaper than buying the boxed set.

In the end I got three more blisters of Prussian ships. Another Blucher Class Dreadnought, Konigsberg Class Battlecruiser and the Hussar Class Gunship.

Maybe a little heavy in firepower, but I can if need be get a blister of frigates and corvettes to balance out the force. However I think I have just the right number of ships.

One of the reasons I went with “bigger” ships was less to do with cheese and beards, much more to do with ease of play, at this stage playing Dystopian Wars, I am still getting use to the rules, so less models (in my mind) does make it a little easier to play.

At this stage I do feel that I now have sufficient models for Dystopian Wars and I don’t think I will be buying any more, well not many more. In a recent game I did capture an FSA Lexington Cruiser and I did consider buying one of the models to paint up in captured Kingdom of Britannian colours. I also recently saw the Covenant of Antarctica models and I did like the look of the Dreadnought!

So never say never…

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