Hussar Class Gunships

I mentioned in a previous post that I had got some Prussian reinforcements. As well as a blister of battlecruisers, I also got a blister of Hussar Gunships.

These are nice castings and there are three models in the blister.

Very cleanly cast. However no rear armament.

Here are the three Hussar Gunships.

After washing the resin, I will affix the turrets and give the models a white undercoat.

The Prussians are coming…

The first Dystopian models I finished painting were some Prussian naval ships. The main model was a Blucher Class Dreadnought. Alongside this large ship I have six Arminius Class Frigates in support.

Though I have some Airships, two Pflicht Class Scoutships and a Sky Fortress, what I wanted to get was a few more naval vessels in order to have a naval battle group for the Prussian Empire.

I did initially consider getting the Prussian Empire Naval Battle Group boxed set, but the only models I actually wanted from the box were the battleship and the cruisers. I already had the frigates and, as mentioned elsewhere I am not a great fan of the flyers and the bombers. Buying the blisters of the battleship and the cruisers would be a lot cheaper than buying the boxed set.

In the end I got three more blisters of Prussian ships. Another Blucher Class Dreadnought, Konigsberg Class Battlecruiser and the Hussar Class Gunship.

Maybe a little heavy in firepower, but I can if need be get a blister of frigates and corvettes to balance out the force. However I think I have just the right number of ships.

One of the reasons I went with “bigger” ships was less to do with cheese and beards, much more to do with ease of play, at this stage playing Dystopian Wars, I am still getting use to the rules, so less models (in my mind) does make it a little easier to play.

At this stage I do feel that I now have sufficient models for Dystopian Wars and I don’t think I will be buying any more, well not many more. In a recent game I did capture an FSA Lexington Cruiser and I did consider buying one of the models to paint up in captured Kingdom of Britannian colours. I also recently saw the Covenant of Antarctica models and I did like the look of the Dreadnought!

So never say never…