The Battlefield

In a previous post I talked about a game I had played and promised to get the pictures online soon. Well still have that to do, so in the meantime here is a photo of the battlefield.

The boards are large polystryene tiles (4′ x 1½’ or 120cm x 45cm) which have been covered in GW’s grass mat. I have four of these tiles, and GW’s mat covered all four. Generally though in a game I only use three as my table is not big enough for all four.

The hills are purchased and I got them from a company whose name I can’t recall, whilst the trees are K&M and the lichen is from a model railway shop. In the middle you can see my Looted Ork Rhino which I used as terrain in this game.

It was a typical game for me with my Orks versus Simon’s Imperial Guard, though different in another way as my force was very mechanised and his was very much infantry based with a Hellhound and a Medusa. Okay to call a Squiggoth mechanised is probably going a little too far, but I did have Wartrakks, Trukks, Killa Kanz, Dethkoptaz, a Gunwagon and a flying Ork Fighter-Bomma as well as the Squiggoth.

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